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AWAKEN to your highest potential

Have you ever felt excessive worry, fear, or self-doubt?

Overwhelm holding you back?

Struggling to find relief from te chaos of the outside world?


You're not alone.

Discover how to break free from the BS (Belief Systems)

and embrace clarity and purpose


Michelle Irene
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by harnessing the energy of your Angel Team you can :

Current Opportunities for
Transformation & Empowerment

Unlock the doors to spiritual growth and transformation


Your monthly pass to

spiritual growth.

✨ Gain insights on connecting with angels

✨ Meeting your spirit guides

✨ Increasing your Intuitive Awareness ✨ LIVE Discussions and Guided         Meditations

✨ Embrace the power of Divine Angelic Guidance

First LIVE Dec. 4th at 7PM ET

But you can begin NOW 

and access to the GUIDEBOOK:

Angelic Numerical Insights: Unveiling the Vibrational Wisdom of Numbers from The Angelic Light Council




'Never Alone'


  • Transformative Stories: Explore a treasure trove of angelic encounters and profound experiences.

  • Synchronicities: Look out for synchronicities within the stories that will illuminate your own path.

  • Connect with the Angelic Light Council: This book is your invitation to connect with this guiding force.

  • Spiritual Awakening: "Never Alone" holds the key to understanding your spiritual journey better.

  • Join the Community: Become part of a community of seekers on this enlightening adventure.

Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of "Never Alone" and unlock the wisdom it holds for your own spiritual growth.

Discover diverse pathways for transformation that cater to your preferred approach,
schedule, lifestyle, and investment level. Sign up or Log In if you are already a member and receive my free gifts of meditation, journal strategies, and more. 

Unlock your Purpose
Be a Part of Our Community


Hi, I'm Michelle your Soul Purpose Life Coach.


Conscious Awareness is the vehicle for healing, transforming, and manifesting. Through my Soulution Activation Formula, we can wash away your limiting beliefs and create a life of luxury,


I'm thrilled that you've found this incredibly empowering support network. This community is a dream I've nurtured for years, and it's something I wish I had during my struggles with finding happiness and well-being.

My journey has been a remarkable odyssey of self-discovery and personal growth as I've navigated through the layers of life's experiences.

I'm Michelle, an internationally acclaimed co-author, author, and spiritual guide.

Bring the Sub-Conscious Mindset
into your Super Conscious Awareness