Michelle Irene


I was barely existing thru my life before I met you. I had skyscrapers around my heart and personal space. Those skyscrapers had even larger skyscrapers surrounding them. I didn’t trust ANYone. All I could see was my life eroding day after day with no way out of it. I have taken several classes with you and slowly the skyscrapers started to come down. Our most recent class, the one-on-one conference call has truly changed my life. I followed your instructions and my world started changing for the better. I now have a special relationship with my Angels. I trust the Universe, and most of all, I found my trust in God again. Things are moving forward for me. I’m no longer hyper- stressing the “what if’s”. And I truly believe that if something does not go the way I “want” it to, it’s not God’s way of punishing me for things I have done wrong. He is clearing my path from things that do not serve my journey to make room for the blessings ahead. It’s NOT “my clock or calendar”, it’s God’s. Once I truly surrendered my troubles to the Universe, I was able to see the path that I need to follow. And that is a blessing. Thank you for your time, insight, and guidance. I can honestly say, because of your classes, I found HAPPINESS! As with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I have had the key to it all along.

Your classes showed me how to find my way back home!

Thank you X3, from the bottom of my heart. Love, Light, and Miracles... Claudia



I had officially met Michelle at her Rise to Shine Event in Fall 2019. The 2 weeks that followed were filled with new connections, confirmations, and a major shift.  Within that time frame, I had an experience that I knew was a message, but I was not sure how to read it, so I reached out for her insight on it. 

We were able to determine that I needed to face my major fear of abandonment and to confidently know my worth.  I carry with me memories from childhood of emotional and mental abuse, bringing about my fear and self-doubt. It was sending my anxiety through the roof and wreaking havoc on my relationships with those closest to me.  It was time to do the work.

I felt almost afraid to take my power. On day 3 I was firm, reading my statements with confidence. By day 5, I’m pretty sure I was yelling it. Day 7 was the day …Michelle told me to open the paper and erase the statements in pencil. I hung it back up on my wall and continued to read it every morning as soon as my feet hit the floor. She then had me go through the empowering statements and form a sentence from the “power words”. Now,
these memories are quieter, and I can shut them down more quickly and calmly rather than having them
wreck my whole day. It’s a great feeling, and understand consistency is key!

Through this one on one coaching process, Michelle also provided guided meditation recordings and would check in with me every couple of days to offer continued encouragement and guidance.   I look forward to the check-ins, as we celebrate my wins and she is so very reassuring. I see a great shift, and major progress ahead as we continue to work together- she really offers a complete package to heal and grow VERY effectively.  Thank you, Michelle!  ~Dawn



I began attending Angel Card reading classes with Michelle in late 2017. I have since been able to connect with my guides, the world around me, and most importantly myself. Michelle's classes have provided me a more tangible way to feel and understand things that I was unable to verbalize. It has been amazing finding a safe space where I can speak with and exchange experiences with like minded people!



Just finished the 4 week Soul Power Class! I must say it was a wonderful experience! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know myself better as well as the other participants in the class. Soul Power helped me understand myself better and helped me with my own truth and what my purpose is. Highly recommend this class! Thank you Michelle!



Just finished the 4 week Soul Power Class! I must say it was a wonderful experience! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know myself better as well as the other participants in the class. Soul Power helped me understand myself better and helped me with my own truth and what my purpose is. Highly recommend this class! Thank you Michelle!



I have been working with Michelle for over two years now. She has been a huge help in guiding me to find the root cause of some life long issues and how to heal from them. She has also taught me how to listen to the universe for signs and guidance to get me on the path I need to be. I have made some radical changes thanks to her help I bought a house, left a job I had been at for 17 years to pursue my own business. All of her teachings have helped me to do more things from a place of love and in doing that so many doors have been opened it’s amazing! Her down to earth approach is comforting and she lets you know she doesn’t always have good days-which puts you at ease for sure but she teaches you how to handle them better. I cannot thank her enough for all she has and continues to teach me.



I noticed a shift in energy the first week after doing the exercises. I began to feel lighter and more open to my inner guidance. It was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders in regards to a painful experience I had been carrying around for much too long.


Working through the fears that have been holding me back in some of my personal projects helps me to understand the story behind my blocks and fears. I recognized the stories and beliefs from those who raised me, that I have allowed to contribute to my own blocks. I can choose to create my own story in love and light and let go of the fears and negativity that other’s failures and beliefs, and my own story have created in me



Taking Michelle's classes and being a part of groups shes created with like-minded people over the past few years has really helped me to find my way. I've gained confidence, made new friends and continue to use my gifts to help others and myself.



By attending Michelle’s classes over the past several years, I have grown as a person. By opening my heart and finding my inner strength, loving me, I have finally found “me “ “I am” with the guidance of Michelle. But I did this on my own through my inner strength and my faith



Thank you, Michelle Irene, for your insight, guidance, encouragement, and validation during the Soul Power course. I can center myself when things in my world are spinning out of control. I have seen, first hand, that by putting GOOD out into the Universe, GOOD is returned, in kind. Most importantly, I TRUST that I while I can accomplish things my own, staying Connected to Spirit, I am Never Alone! Can’t wait to see what awaits ahead!



​You are an inspiration to everyone to come in contact with. I loved your class and your book...I felt a warmth when I was with you and I learned to ask my angels for signs and to always thank them ❤❤❤ --Ingrid​



When I started my spiritual journey I began to realize I am worthy..enough and deserving of love. I feel blessed to have amazing spiritual teachers like you in my life. I really enjoyed this 3 session angel class. (originally was a 3 part course) I have done a lot of reading on my own and have taken classes in the past so I was familiar with a lot of the material. I enjoyed the format and the way Michelle presented the material. I felt very comfortable sharing in the group setting. I am really becoming more aware of the presence of spirit in my life. It is pretty amazing to really understand that we are not alone. Michelle is very genuine, caring and knowledgeable.  Thank you for what you do <3 ~Susan