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Do you feel like you're running on the treadmill of life?  Doing the same thing day after day?  Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and ready for a change?  

Be enlightened with an abundance of true inspirational stories of experiences with a higher power:
~Those who have connected with their angels
~Those who have received messages for themselves
~Those who have connected with their loved ones
~Those who have made the change to better their lives

Unveil the mystique of working with your higher power! Look inside to explore how you can:

~ Awaken your Intuition

~ Gain insight into your future

~ Live the life of abundance you so deserve

~ Live stress free

~ Connect with your loved ones for special messages

~ Become your authentic self and live happy

Be ready to meet your very own Team of Angels. See how they can guide you through your journey. Guard you from going down the wrong path. Protect you from life's falters. Don't wait another day to make that change. Today is your day and it begins with this book!

ANGELS: Guide~Guard~Protect

$15.99 Regular Price
$9.97Sale Price
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