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This bonus deck was created to enhance any of your favorite decks of cards for a deeper meaning into the messages. 


One word per card to encourage thought-provoking conversation for greater development and connection.: 

  • use as a bonus card pull with your daily reading
  • a word of inspiration for the day
  • Use as a journal prompt
  • class topic
  • discussion with friends
  • insight into a current situation


Look deeper into the layers of pictures intertwined on each card for signs from above as you see different symbols and messages each time. 


This is the connection to your soul's eye. With your soul's eye, you can see your eternal vision. Eternal vision leads to clear understanding. Clear understanding is the ability to not having to have all the answers but give the power to lead through faith and trust that the answers will be revealed in divine time. 


Combine with The Divine Light Connection Card Kit is everything you need to begin your journey to the center of your soul.


You are a divine soul ready to realign with the power that resides deep within.

Visualize the light of this exciting day. Soaking into your being as it rises from the darkened sky.


Protecting you as it clears your energy, rinses away stress, dissolves your fears, and nurtures your being.


Set your intentions of discovery for what is needed most in your life & continue with the journey through the center of your soul.


  • Where every seed has already been planted
  • Where every memory is stored
  • Where your deepest desires reside
  • Through the highest Divine path of light.


This light is your eye. The eye of your soul.

The light within where all can be seen and unseen.


  • the memories
  • the intentions
  • the strength
  • the guidance
  • the power the purpose
  • the connection to all that is
  • Embrace the layers of you to recognize your vision for all that is and all that can be.
  • Get ready to recharge your mind, body, and soul alignment for balance, protection, and guidance


This charming channeled deck of cards was created alongside my angelic team as they guided me towards this marble printed background as a strong base for each card.  After looking up the spiritual meaning of marble  I wasn't surprised at what my findings were.


Marble is believed to provide clarity, self-control, stability for physical & emotional support 

Used as a symbol of purity.


It's characteristics attribute to:


  • Healing properties
  • Evolving wisdom Assisting in Compassion Creating
  • Understanding
  • Helping with positive focus Physical & Emotional improvements Assisting Clarity in thoughts Purity in love
  • Sharpness in Meditation Encouraging Serenity
  • Guidance for healing, learning & growth
  • For a more balanced lifestyle filled with love, light & many miracles.



Divine Light Connection Oracle Card: The Eye of Your Soul BONUS DECK

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