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Uncover the Secrets of your Soul and Release the Voice of Self Doubt, Negativity, and Judgment to Uncover Your Personal Freedom

In this Guide Book you will receive:

  • The book FLYING FREE: Release the Voice of Self Doubt, Negativity, and Judgment to Uncover Your Personal Freedom 

  • Including the Soulution Technique that will change your life

  • The New Sacred Light Activation Technique &  Meditation link for download

  • The Five Minutes A Day to Happiness Technique

  • Discover your pillars of strength and the strong foundation on which to build

  • Create your own incredible spiritually aligned practice 

  • A greater understanding of who you are 

  • The opportunity to heal yourself and other relationships in your life

  • An invite to Live Virtual Event Experience. 


A guide for every woman ready to remember who she is meant to be. The One who gave her all to her family or career and placed everyone else's needs ahead of herself until the day the question ‘Who am I?’ arose.


  • I've spent over a hundred thousand dollars on searching for answers only to still feel left in the dark.
  • I've spent countless hours of healing and rediscovering something I already had.
  • While the trainings and courses were great and led me down different paths,
  • I realized they fell short in my journey of understanding more. They never really told me how.


The cracked open theory doesn't have to happen for major breakthroughs. They're exhausting and debilitating.


The breakdown doesn't have to transpire before the breakthrough. You can ease through the discomfort without hitting rock bottom.

There is no need to sacrifice anything to discover how you can bring yourself back to feeling good more often and have fun along the way. 

Personal Coaching will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars with no real growth. 


Learn how to lean into each step as it's revealed and master with confidence through your eternal wisdom. Discover new purposes, appearing when you acknowledge the desires of your soul's truth.


You are the leader of your legacy, and it's time to see your full potential for living an unconditionally happy life.


Enjoy life more frequently and blossom into the person you truly are yet rarely fully revealed to the outside world. Living in your whole authentic spirit allows you to FLY when you First Love You.


If you’ve been on a quest to find peace within and a roadmap for your future this journey is for you. I want to show you a sacred space to discover insight for feeling good every day. I want to help you find relief from the inside voices drowning you in self-doubt, negativity, and judgment you will learn how to recognize the moments of opportunities through this awareness and accept these feelings with love.


Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm),


Get the Journal to further your quest in this special bundle package. This book will no longer be printed in this format...when they are gone they are gone!


FLYING FREE The Book Paper Back

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$19.99Sale Price
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