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It's a word we use often and the perception of it can be daunting. I remember the first time I heard it during some of my training to become a life coach and was like "I'm good, I don't need any healing"


Until I began my journey inward. Traveling through the layers of my souls' light. To see and uncover the many life experiences I clung to as a child clings to a blanket for security.


I was able to release energies that no longer served my higher good and pave the way for a new journey. Feeling free to be me, authentically.

~Healing is the opportunity to pivot and realign.

~Come back to being well.

~To feel good.


It is through the recognition of these layers that we begin to remember our inner truth. GIving us the ability to fly.


First, Love You!

The rest will follow.


Oracle cards have been my guide for years. Like a coach in my back pocket anytime I need a little insight or even a quick pick me up


An opportunity to come back into alignment with my true being as a soul being.


Walk through the door to recognizing your strengths through truth.

Release limiting thoughts into the flowing energy of light.

Allow the abundance that's already yours to travel your way.


As an Intuitive Spiritual Leader, my mission is to guide you towards a greater understanding of life through the awareness of your connection with a higher power.


Light is your focus. The energy of clarity interwoven with light weaves a pattern of truth. Breathe in. Breathe Out. Listen to your breath. Hear the sounds it creates. Envision the sharpened point of the needle dancing in and out as you weave your tapestry for greater understanding. Allow the trail of light to remain visible as you take another breath.


Begin to move in unison with your light stream for greater connections.


The more healing powers you will have.

The more light that you will radiate.

The more happiness will flow your way.


Together we can discover your passion,

to begin to live your purpose,

and rediscover a life of bliss.



This practice is to assist in the balance of your mind, body, & soul along with the current situation you are feeling in the moment. This may also be used as a general overall message. Allow your thoughts to lead the way and the cards to connect with your intuition. By strengthening your link with self-love to your divine self you raise your energy vibration & awareness to a new heightened level. Allowing your connection with your light stream to gain momentum for the success of what you're seeking.


Light Stream Oracle Cards

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