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Messages for the Soul

The messages I receive originate from the depths of the soul, fostering a beautiful connection and channeling from soul to soul.


I don't make predictions about your future, but I possess the ability to discern what your soul truly desires. Through the cards utilized in the reading, they act as a magnificent bridge to connect with the Angelic Light Council and Source.


You are under divine guidance, and as you recognize the signs on your path, you open yourself to the boundless intelligence of the universe, enabling you to work towards your deepest aspirations.


The "soul"ution required to nourish your soul and ignite your inner fire.

No appointments necessary. No need for Zoom calls.


When you find yourself feeling stuck or blocked, you are out of alignment with your authentic self, restricting your thoughts and beliefs.


This is the remedy your soul needs to take action for the most favorable outcome.

As your energy is received through the angelic light of my angelic team, the cards will select themselves to facilitate your spiritual growth and understanding in your current circumstances.


Ignite your inner fire for the best possible outcome aligned with your highest good.

When you request your reading, inquire within and ask your soul for its most profound needs. Inhale the energy of your intentions and exhale.


You will receive:

  • A comprehensive three-card message for your journey
  • A digital download unveiling the cards and their associated messages, channeled through the angelic light council
  • All card decks used were co-created through the divine channel through Michelle
  • Message turnaround time is approximately 24-48 hours
  • Limited availability each month


As your energy is received through the angelic light of my angelic team, the cards will choose themselves to facilitate your spiritual growth and comprehension of your current situation.


As you exchange energy through the financial source, infuse your intentions with what your soul truly yearns for the most.


Your personal message will land in your inbox within 48 hours.


Thank you for permitting me to serve you in this manner.

With love and light,


Messages for the Soul

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