Hi! I'm Michelle

I am a vessel of love through my angel's guidance. Here to show you how to create a strong connection to all that is.  As an Angelic Intuitive Channeler guiding you to your Souls Alignment and Attunement I will show you how to live an Intuitive Lifestyle and rebuild a stronger link to the divine light connection from within to the heaven's above. 


You are the light you are in search of.

You are the love that you are in search of. 

As a teacher, writer, speaker, and go-getter I am dedicated to helping you create a better way. 


To live a happy lifestyle filled with infinite possibilities...


Do you see that smile?

That's my signature look.

That smile can be seen every day.

No matter the circumstance

I find a way to

come back to that smile. 

Be Happy ~ Live Freely ~ Love Fully

 Jennifer Kupcho, Spiritual Mindset Coach

"Michelle’s course on Angel/Oracle Card writing was amazing!
It was the perfect blend of spiritual/mindful practices, creative structures, and practical business tips. Her clarity and enthusiasm WERE exactly what I needed to get me from inspiration to inspired action. The result has been over 50 pre-orders of my very first co-created deck of angel cards. Thank you Michelle!"

Chrissy R. - Small Business Owner

"It was a day filled with inspiration, self-realization, connection, tears, and joy. Michelle continually strives to encourage others to live their best life and to be their authentic self. To be in Michelle's presence is always time well spent and is always a cherished experience!"  

 Shannon - Massage Therapist/Healer

"Lots of self-realization! and a few 'holy shit' moments. I think it's time to start listening....life is about balance and allowing that guidance to take us down those paths we are meant to journey on."

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It was through the process of healing myself that I began to realize I could help others live a better way. A happier way. A more fulfilling way.

With the guidance of a power far greater than myself (we will call them angels) that I was able to discover these techniques and understand myself at a greater level.

You too can experience the love of your Angel's for a greater love of self. Afterall you did find yourself here on my page. No coincidence simply the guidance of your angels. 

But before you go away what I can tell you 100% for sure is that I will show you how to rediscover that connection with yourself. The one you knew you always had, that fun-loving person you once knew - Let's find her again

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I am so happy you were guided to this page and found me. I'm super excited about your next step and what lies ahead for your future. 

Love, Light and Many Miracles

  "Life is meant to be loved.....not just lived "

It is my honor to serve others. Showing YOU lifestyle changes

  • simple reminders of how to live fully

  • basic changes to begin to better your day in a happier way 

  • creating a profound impact for years to come. 

Not sure where to begin? Send me a message to see if we are a good fit or simply sign up for news, techniques, and guidance. 
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